Carpet Tile Flooring

Commercial Carpet Tile Flooring

Carpet tile is a popular flooring choice today in businesses throughout Buffalo. Choosing carpet tile for your commercial business comes with various benefits, including: 

Durability – Carpet tile is much more durable than any other carpeting material. With its advanced stain protection, you don’t have to worry about surface stains. If a stain does make way to your carpet, a single tile can be replaced at a much more affordable price, since only the affected area has to be removed. 

Customization – We can install your carpet tiles in any order of your choosing. The color patterns and design options are endless. 

Water Resistance – Wet shoes from rain or snow are inevitable in Buffalo. Our carpet tiles are resistant to water; therefore, they can handle a reasonable amount of water tracked in from people’s shoes. 

If you are considering carpet tile for your office building or business, contact Heritage Contract Flooring today to learn more or request an estimate!

carpet tile in Buffalo, NY
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